Digital Media Wing

About Us

The Digital Media Wing (DMW) is a strategic unit of Government of Pakistan to build a bridge between the Government of Pakistan and public through effective communication of government initiatives and policies as well as successfully countering the fake/vilifying news. Our goal is to disseminate immediate, valid and results-oriented digital media content from Government of Pakistan, Federal Ministries and Prime Minister’s Office official social media accounts. We are dedicated to revolutionize how digital media is consumed in Pakistan and to strengthen the government for the 21st century with robust and high-quality online communication platforms to further the interests of the state of Pakistan locally and internationally. We are also in direct coordination with Public Relations Officers (PROs) and are responsible for assisting, covering and creating content for all the activities, press conferences, events, updates and information directly coming from Federal Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Federal Ministers and Prime minister’s Office on all social media accounts.

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