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1. If an account is listed in a report - it doesn’t always imply that the content of the tweet is Anti-State. Some accounts have engaged/replied with an anti-state hashtag to rebut. But since they used the hashtag their accounts got listed in the report. 

2. The report categorizes accounts who participated in a trend by 

Influencers with Most Followers
Accounts that used a hashtag that had the highest number of followers out of all the participants 

Most Retweeted Tweets
Accounts whose tweets containing the hashtag got the highest number of tweets 

Top Contributors
Accounts that tweeted the highest number of tweets using the hashtag 

List of Tweets
All the accounts that participated in the trend are listed but in chronological order - starting from the latest tweets at cut-off time for data collection.

Replies with Most Followers
Replies coming from accounts that have the highest numbers of followers out of all the accounts that replied to a particular tweet.


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