Infographic: Torture In Custody by IOFs in IIOJK

Irrefutable evidences reveal that Indian Occupation Forces (IOFs) are using torture as a tool of intimidation and coercion. Around 161,935 people have been subjected to various types of tortures by IOFs since 1989. Over decades of its violent control over Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), the Indian State has attempted to hide these ‘sights, sounds and smells of the body in pain’ behind the façade of a so-called modern, liberal and democratic State.

Infographic: Torture In Custody by IOFs in IIOJK

An investigation report titled ‘Torture’ based on 432 case studies was compiled and published in 2019 by Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons and Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society after a decade long research and investigations..

Torture cells managed by Army, Police, SOG and other agencies all over IIOJK The report reveals that IOFs have established 239 torture cells all across IIOJK. Bulk of these camps are in Northern Kashmir where Baramulla and Srinagar have 64 and 53 torture camps respectively.144 torture camps are being managed by Army, 52 by Police, 19 by Special Operations Group (SOG) and 24 from other agencies.

Innocent Kashmiris and 31 forms of torture

The report endorses that innocent Kashmiris were subjected to 31 forms of torture as classified by UN Istanbul Protocol (2004). Out of 432 victims, 326 were severely beaten, 231 were electrocuted, 70 were burnt, 169 were rolled over by heavy wooden/ iron logs while bodies of 12 victims were slit.

What it’s like for the victims of torture:
  • On 19 February 2011, a family (names withheld) was abducted by personnel of SOG and shifted to SOG Camp at Dak Banglow Town Hall, Sopore. Complete family including children were detained for 8 days. They were subjected to torture, given electric shocks and their legs were rolled over by heavy roller while the lady was raped.
  • In another incident, on 22 June 2017, Ghulam Mohammad Bhat was abducted by 23 Rashtriya Rifles from general area Pulwama. During four months of illegal detention, he was physically tortured, sexually harassed and subjected to electric shocks multiple times. Currently, besides facing physical ailment, he is also battling with psychological complications.
  • Custodial killing of Irfan Ahmed Shah (Sopore in September 2020) and Rizwan Asad Pandi (a school teacher) in March 2019 also speak volumes about how innocent youth are picked up and tortured to death by IOFs. These killings were widely reported by international media and documented by various human rights organizations.
  • On 5 March 2021, Shafat Farooq, a video journalist with BBC’s Urdu service was hit heartlessly by a constable on his backbone with a gun butt and beaten ruthlessly, while he was covering protests in Nowhatta area of Srinagar.
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