General Manager

Imran Ghazali is a Digital Media Strategist, graduated from The Ohio State University, USA in 2009. Currently working as General Manager, Digital Media Wing, Government of Pakistan. Founded Optimize Digital, a 360 degree digital marketing and events management company. Consulted DIFD as the Head of Social Media for Delivering Accelerated Family Planning in Pakistan (DAFPAK) at M&C Saatchi World Services.

He also led the media and digital strategy as a consultant to UNICEF for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative of Clean Green Pakistan from Sept’18 to Dec’19. He also worked with KP IT Board as World Bank’s Consultant for Digital Marketing during Digital Youth Summit.

He also organized various digital media training workshops for Government of Pakistan officials at NITB in collaboration with Facebook and Prime Minister’s Office.

Until August 2018, Imran worked as Head of National Campaigning – Digital at Alif Ailaan, which has been recognized as the biggest campaign on education reforms in Pakistan. He was the architect of the digital strategy for the last two years of the campaign that resulted in increased reach and engagement on social media platforms.

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