Usman Bin Zaheer is a senior digital content producer, with a versatile production experience ranging from Pakistan’s number one morning show “The Nadia Khan Show” to the World’s number one reality show “Pakistan Idol”. Over a span of the past 13 years, he has mastered the art of wrapping a message with entertainment and humor in order to cast an amplified and long-lasting effect on the masses. Very few producers in the industry understand the difference between regular content strategy and the digital content strategy and Usman Bin Zaheer through a wide bouquet of 1000+ digital productions ranging from live current affairs talk shows to humor based drama skids to cultural vlogs to explainer animations proved it very well.
The digital platform Dugdugee turned out to be the fastest-growing digital channel of the nations based on the originality and uniqueness of its content along with state of the art optimization.

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